Earlier this week, the LPGA release this press release announcing their new alliance with opendorse.

Opendorse is a tool that helps thousands of athletes share their branded content on social media platforms. Opendorse doesn’t give much detail on their website because they want you to book a demo. However, I was able to find this “How it Works” video from a couple years ago.

Over 200 LPGA Competitors Have Access for 2018!

Opendorse has given over 200 LPGA Tour players with the ability to use their platform to share LPGA content during the golf tournament. This will allow the competitors to create new revenue opportunities and reach a larger audience on social media.

Official Statements from opendorse & the LPGA

Opendorse CEO, Blake Lawrence, stated in the press release that…

“The LPGA has long been a leader in helping their pros build brands that last beyond their days on tour. By providing players access to the content they create on the course, the LPGA allows pros to engage their fans with valuable media in a seamless social experience. This partnership is a great example of how properties and players can work together to expand their audience, maximize the value of content, and ultimately grow their game.”
Quoted from the press release

Tina Barnes-Budd, the LPGA’s Senior Director of Social Media/Marketing, was aso quoted in the press release, stating…

“Our athletes are some of the most social savvy and brand active on the planet, so tying them to the great work opendorse is doing is a natural fit. The opportunity for our athletes to be more actively engaged in social and brand conversations is something that will enhance not just their storytelling but the LPGA overall, and we are excited to get things moving.”
Quoted from the press release

Local Thoughts on this Partnership

We asked local digital marketer, Paul Gallipeau, what he thinks about the partnership. Here’s what he said…

“This is a great idea for the LPGA and its golfers. Social media can be overwhelming, especially when you have as many followers as sports stars. Anything that can make engagement with fans easier for the athletes to do, personally (rather than through automation or outsourcing) is going to make those relationships even stronger and even more valuable. Gary Vaynerchuk is a great role model to emulate when it comes to building a brand through social media.”