The entire community is saddened by the passing of Bob Wegman. He was a great benefactor to so many causes in the Rochester Community that it would be hard to find someone he has not touched through his generosity and goodwill.

Bob got involved with the Rochester International and ultimately with the Wegmans LPGA at a juncture that was critical to the sustainability of the LPGA in Rochester. It seemed liked a natural fit for him because he was an impassioned golfer virtually all of his life. But it was not just the golf he had his eye on, it was the kids and the camps that really mattered to him.

More than 6.6 million has been generated though Tournament proceeds and Bob’s involvement has been a significant part of that success, comments Robert Maney, President of Disabled Children Of Monroe County Golf Tournament, Inc.

Jerry Stahl, Tournament Chairman, commented that “Bob was a joy to work with. His enthusiasm and his intuitive sense of how to do things first class, permeated everything we tried to do with the Tournament. Bob brought to the Tournament the same standards of excellence that he brought to the Wegmans Corporation, elevating the Wegmans LPGA Tournament to be recognized by all as one of the very best in the world.”

We will all be diminished by his passing and remain committed to carrying out his vision for the Wegmans LPGA Tournament. The LPGA Players held Bob in their highest esteem and because of him look forward to coming to Rochester. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in June he will be in our mind because he will never leave our hearts.

On behalf of the Disabled Children of Monroe County golf Tournament we extend our sincere sympathy to the entire Wegman Family.