With regard to nearly four decades, the very best women golfers in the world have came to Rochester to golf. Unfortunately, 2009 was the last year we hosted the LPGA here in Rochester, NY.

Locust Hill Region Club has hosted a great LPGA event for 37 years. It’s sad that it’s over.

Wegman’s said the LPGA was good for the city but it was not a good investment. Ladies golf failed to attract lots of advertisers to be able to support it, and not simply advertisers locally, advertisers country wide. So it was hard to make the economics work. It’s very expensive to run the tournament.

I consider the loss of the LPGA event to be a major blow towards the golfing community in not only Rochester, but the entire country. I think that it’s important to our history and it really adds something to the golf community. It was truly overlooked.

It’s ambiguous if Rochester will host a regular tour again in the future. Wegmans has been hopeful.

Sometimes when something you love disappears, you miss it and you want it back.

Losing the LPGA Championship doesn’t invariably mean pro golf is leaving Rochester behind. There likely won’t be an LPGA competition here again soon. However, if sponsors are available I wouldn’t be surprised if the LPGA comes back to Rochester again.