As part of our 25th anniversary activities we surveyed our volunteers to find out what makes volunteering at the Tournament special for them. The answers varied but the themes were the same. First, they do it for the Kids. And second they do it for the Kids. But they also do it for Rochester, for the love of golf, and because it’s so much fun!

Why do you participate and what makes you return each year?

Ann Foery, 25 year volunteer: “The LPGA is great for Rochester and the Kids. This is my 25th year and I enjoy working for the Kids.”

Edward M. De Carlo: “The love of golf – and I’m proud to be a part of such a well organized and worthy tournament.”

Dianne Ford, operations: “I love golf and the women who play. The LPGA is a very worthwhile cause for the Kids.”

Esther Nettnin: “‘For the Kids’ and because we have a wonderful group of spectators and professionals.”

Describe your most memorable Tournament moment or memory.

Paul Heller, transportation: “In 1999 I had to pick up Julie Inkster and her caddy at 11:30 at night on the Sunday she won the Women’s U.S. Open. Wow, was she excited! And she remembered that I drove her before.”

Cindy Northrup, 25 year volunteer: “During the 1989 Tournament I had the assignment to mark with Deb Richard. Before starting the round I had a bad impression of her” Deb’s friend, Jessica, joined us” This whole day being with Deb totally changed my opinion of her and I am so glad I had the chance to be with her and see who she really is!!”

Gerald R. Fox: “Nancy Lopez always makes you feel like you’re the best marshal on course.

Bill Walsh: “I was a standard bearer for Karrie Webb. Even though she played badly she was as nice to the volunteers as she could be.”

Give an example of what best typifies the spirit of the Wegmans Rochester International.

Thomas D. Forsyth, security marshals: “There is a sense of friendship and camaraderie that seems to pervade the whole area.”

Mary Ann Powderly, tickets: “The giving spirit of volunteers who are blazing sun or torrential rain. The humor everyone shows over tough situations.”