The Wegmans LPGA honored volunteers at their Annual Volunteer Recognition evening held at Locust Hill Country Club last night. Ron Brand, Vice-President and Director of Volunteers presented the nominees and four winners with a certificate and award.


The outstanding volunteer awards are made each year to a male and a female volunteer who, for the past five years, have served and are currently serving the Wegmans LPGA Tournament. The eligible candidates include any volunteer meeting these criteria, who is not an Officer of the Board of Directors of Disabled Children of Monroe County. Nominees are nominated by either a member of the Executive Committee of Disabled Children, a member of the Board of Directors of Disabled Children, a Chairperson of one of the more than 40 volunteer committees, or a member of the Awards Committee.

The winners of each category will be recognized by placing their names on the two Camp plaques that will be on display in the Tournament Office. This year’s winners are:


Marilyn Bastian
When she and her husband Warren “sold the business” and retired, we wanted to make sure that Marilyn didn’t get bored, so we nicknamed her “Merchandise Marilyn” and gave her a new job. Then Larry Kitts from Wegmans stepped in and made it a HUGE job. Marilyn’s nomination form reads, “She goes above and beyond her responsibilities, stays late and gets in earlier than any other volunteer. Her outstanding dedication and skillful work with the volunteers makes her invaluable.” We agree.

Elaine Fahselt
Known popularly in the Tournament Office as “The Chosen One”, Elaine brings a vast number of volunteer hours and skills to the Tournament. She handles all the ticket orders coming into the office, does the general bookkeeping for Linda Hampton and is a greatly trusted member of the Office Staff. When the world is crazy around her she can be counted on to step in and take some of the load. We would be lost without her.


Dick Groth
Dick and his wife Joyce have spent the entire history of the Tournament serving as dedicated volunteers. There are very few jobs that they haven’t held over the years. Currently, Dick runs Scoring Control and with help from his son Tim, has brought the Tournament into the 21st Century not only keeping us updated technologically, but interfacing with the various companies that have become an integral part of Tournament life.

Tim Groth
As the kids would say “Tim Rules!” According to the Tournament Office he is “Our Hero”! He keeps the place up and running and tries to explain the inexplicable “techno-geeky stuff” he knows so well. He is truly an irreplaceable part of the Tournament, handling all the needs of the Media area, phones and Internet connections, all the things we all take for granted. Hopefully, we don’t take him and his talent for granted.

This year’s nominees include:

Marilyn Bastian, Merchandise
Marge Lortie, Players Hospitality
Cathy Byers, Raffle, Hole In One
Nancy Lopez, Wednesday Pro-Am
Terry Comins, Concessions
Betty Middlebrook, Transportation
Mary Dooley, Special Events
Paula Oppedisano, Hospitality
Elaine Fahselt, Tickets Joan Prehn, LPGA Child Development
Ann Foery, Scoring Control
Jan Smith, Tickets, Concessions
Lynn Goldstein, Medical
Binnie Thompson, Tournament Office
Jackie Imburgia, Parking
Bette Turpyn, LPGA Child Development
Eileen Wurzer, Tournament Office
Eleanor McLear, Tournament Office

Al Alton, Concessions
Bob Goldstein, Medical
Bruce Anderson, Parking
Dick Groth, Scoring Control
Art Appleby, Distribution
Tim Groth, Technology
Bruce Campbell, Parking
Bill Hessel, Monday Pro-Am
Chuck Chapin, Concessions
Richard Hendee, Finance
George Dorr, Operations/Sign
Chuck Krause, Mall Sales
Peter Dunfey, Standard Bearers
Don Shamblen, Operations/Signs
Doug Emblidge, Wednesday Pro-Am
Ken Smith, Tickets/Concessions
Kevin French, Security
Jim Sweetheimer, Security
Rich Yackel, Operati