Like a professional athlete, Bob Wegman wants everything he produces the best. His grocery store chain, which is changed the face of shopping for families the Greater Rochester area in past 30 years, was named by Consumer Reports the very best in the United States. And he wants the Wegmans Rochester LPGA to be the best tournament on the LPGA Tour.

From the very beginning he has been generous with purse, but he recognizes that purse isn’t everything. The best you must attract the best players, so this past year he set out to achieve that. He contacted Donna Andrews, president of the LPGA Player’s Council, and asked her what we can do to draw the top players to Rochester. Her suggestions may surprise you.

Although purse is important, Donna told him that little things that make players, their families and their caddies comfortable can be even more important. At her suggestion Mr. Wegman has arranged to have a private dining area set up for players and their families for breakfast and lunches at club, and will provide the caddies with grab-and-go lunch items that will eliminate the necessity of standing in lines at the concession stands. Mr. Wegman wrote a personal letter to each of the players inviting them to Rochester, and telling them about his conversation with Donna and the changes he has made. He has gotten many positive responses. And apparently they were impressed because, as of this date, we are expecting to host all ten of the top ten players at this year’s tournament.